Teledyne Technologies Incorporated: DALSA’s 16k Multi-Field TDI Camera Captures Multiple Images in One Scan

WATERLOO, Ontario, 12 October 2021 (GLOBE NEWSLETTER) – Teledyne DALSA is pleased to announce that its Linea â„¢ HS 16k Multifield TDI camera is in series production. The Linea HS 16k Multifield can capture up to three images simultaneously in a single scan using light sources at different wavelengths. Its load domain TDI CMOS sensor with 16k x (64 + 128 + 64) TDI arrays and 5x5m pixel size, uses advanced wafer-level dichroic filters with minimal spectral crosstalk to spectrally isolate three images. The camera also comes with a high speed CLHS interface, delivering up to 8.4 gigapixels per second over a single long fiber optic cable.

“The advanced multi-field imaging technology is what sets the Linea HS 16k multi-field camera apart from other line scan cameras,” said Xing-Fei He, Senior Product Manager, Teledyne DALSA. “Dichroic filters overcome the spectral crosstalk of traditional color filters and allow the image to be isolated in the spectral domain. “

The Linea HS 16k multi-field camera dramatically improves inspection speeds and image quality. It eliminates the need for multiple analyzes, thereby increasing the throughput of the inspection system and improving detectability with minimal impact from mechanical vibrations. The Linea HS is ideally suited for applications such as inspection of flat panel displays, printed circuit boards (PCBs) and semiconductor wafers; on-line inspection of metal foils and foils; general applications of machine vision and life sciences.

The camera can also be used for color imaging with a white light source. The spectral characteristics of dichroic filters provide a unique color representation that can be used to improve detectability.

Main characteristics:

  • Capture three terrain images at once in one scan
  • 133kHz x 3 high speed line rate
  • High sensitivity multi-array TDI
  • Bidirectional scan
  • Assisted alignment marks

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