On My Block derivative images reveal first glimpse of Freeridge’s casting

Freeridge, the On My Block spin-off, reveals a new preview image of the four main actors who will helm the upcoming Netflix series.

Freeridge, the upcoming spin-off of On my block, reveals the first glimpse of a new core four. Although the last season of On my block arrived on Netflix on October 4, with ten episodes ending the teen drama, it was announced in September that the series universe would continue with a spin-off. Title Freeridge, after the central district of the original series, the story will take place in a different aspect of the titular fictional location and will focus on a new group of friends. These friends may or may not have triggered a deadly curse, which helps start an unforgettable adventure.

On my block Writer Jamie Uyeshiro will oversee the spin-off, alongside Jamie Dooner and original series co-creators Eddie Gonzalez, Lauren, Iungerich and Jeremy Halft. Although no premiere date has been revealed for Freeridge, it was set up by the On my block final. In one scene, Ruby (Jason Genao) approves of the new quartet watching the original characters from a distance. Now viewers have an official photo of the actors who will be headlining the Netflix series.

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From left to right, Freeridge is expected to star Bryana Salaz, Keyla Monterroso Mejia, Ciara Riley Wilson and Shiv Pai. Salaz is best known for playing in Kaylie team, while Meija will appear in Calm your enthusiasm season 11. Wilson and Pai appeared in The best of LA and Iron fist, respectively. Check out their photo, of TV line, below.

Although not much is known about Freeridge beyond the general guideline, co-creator Iungerich noted in TV line that the spinoffs will be rich and dynamic. She also confessed that she had always hoped to find a way to grow and continue with the world that On my block established. And as is teased in the final episode of the original series, the characters exist in the same universe. This could allow for future cameos from characters fans have grown to love, such as Ruby, Monse Finnie (Sierra Capri), Cesar Diaz (Diego Tinoco), Jasmine Flores (Jessica Marie Garcia), and Jamal Turner (Brett Gray).

For these actors, On my block represented their big break. Over the seasons, the actors got pay raises and acclaimed for their performances in a teen drama that was praised for its focus on underrepresented characters and communities. The show, more broadly, has been praised for its skillful ability to portray the harsh realities of violence and PTSD while keeping audiences engaged. Time will tell if, in its own way, Freeridge will be able to carry on this legacy.

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Source: TV Line

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