Official Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 images leaked

We’re still over a week away from the official launch of Samsung’s latest foldable devices – the Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 – so naturally it’s time for the designs of the devices to be fully released online.

Leaker Evan Blass posted a slew of seemingly official images to 91Mobiles, showing both phones from nearly every angle, including in their folded and unfolded orientations. There appear to be three color options for the Z Fold 4 (black, tan, and gray) and four for the Z Flip 4 (black, gold, blue, and purple).

If you were hoping for drastically different designs for either device compared to last year’s models, you might be disappointed. Both seem to have inherited a fundamentally similar look, right down to the camera bumps and black stripe across the top of the Z Flip’s back.

Due to the black wallpaper on the Fold 4’s display, it’s unclear whether the inner display will feature an under-display selfie camera again, which performed disappointingly on last year’s phone. The images also don’t offer a conclusive answer as to whether or not the Z Fold 4 will include built-in support for an S Pen stylus, a feature that has already been rumored.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4.
Image: Evan Blass/ 91Mobiles

But the lack of big design changes doesn’t rule out useful upgrades for this year’s foldables. For starters, a previous leak suggested that the Z Flip 4’s folding screen may have been improved to result in a less obvious crease in the middle of the screen when unfolded, and a report claimed the Z Flip 4 would have a larger secondary screen on its exterior. There could also be software improvements on the way for the Z Fold 4 thanks to Android 12L, an update to Google’s mobile operating system that includes enhancements specifically designed for large-screen devices.

For more information, we’ll have to wait until August 10, when both phones are expected to be announced alongside a new smartwatch; the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5.

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