Jodie Comer Appears in First West End ‘Prima Facie’ Rehearsal Footage

The first images of Jodie Comer in rehearsals for Prima Facie have been released. (Helene Murray)

First images of Jodie Comer in rehearsal for the West End premiere At first glance Were released.

the Kill Eve star will make his West End debut at the Harold Pinter Theater from April 15 to June 18.

The first images show Comer in rehearsal alongside director Justin Martin and writer Suzie Miller, as reported what’s on stage.

Comer will play Tessa, a lawyer whose career is built on defending rapists and discrediting their victims, who is then sexually assaulted herself.

Following her assault, Comer’s character finds herself at the mercy of the criminal justice system she once used to her advantage – a system that favors men and disbelieves women.

Jodie Comer will play Tessa, a lawyer at Prima Facie. (Helene Murray)

This is the West End adaptation of Australian playwright Suzie Miller’s play, with the setting moved from Australia to Liverpool for this production.

Miller, who previously worked as a lawyer, said: ‘I don’t know of any sexual assault statement I’ve ever taken where I could ever be convinced they were lying.

“Remember, not so long ago it wasn’t illegal to rape your wife.”

She adds, “Let’s redefine what consent is. Let’s be sure that if you’re a man and aren’t socially equipped to read the signs, then learn! Let’s raise boys to know no means no.

The play will run at the Harold Pinter Theater from April 15 to June 18.
The play will run at the Harold Pinter Theater from April 15 to June 18. (Helene Murray)

Meanwhile, singer-songwriter Self Esteem will compose the music for the production.

She broke the news on social media, writing, “The coolest thing I’ve ever done is no longer a secret!!!! I’m composing the music for this amazing piece featuring the MVP and a team unreal creative!!!”.

Comer recently returned as the killer assassin, Villanelle for the fourth and final season of BBC Kill Eve.

The series has received mixed reviews from critics, but queer fans remain loyal to the series.

One fan tweeted: “Straight guys might give negative reviews for [season four] but Killing Eve is literally made for gay people, and gay happiness is all that matters,” one Twitter user said.

How to have At first glance tickets

Limited tickets are available from They are available from £15 plus booking fee.

Comer will star in the play between April 15 and June 18 at the Harold Pinter Theater.

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