Images of the Stages Cycling Leadville Trail 100 mountain bike race

The 2022 Stages Cycling Leadville Trail 100 MTB race, owned and produced by Life Time, hosted a field of over 1,500 riders in Leadville, CO, for the ‘Race Across the Sky’ through the Colorado Rockies.

Held August 13, the event featured runners ages 18 to 75, representing all 50 U.S. states and 18 countries, including 47 citizens of Leadville representing their hometown. Riders tackled over 13,000 feet of net gain, peaking at 12,424 feet on Columbine Pass.

The best women
1. Hannah Otto, 26, of Salt Lake City, UT, with a time of 7:24:07
2. Rose Grant, 39, of Columbia Falls, MT, with a time of 7:29:37
3. Haley Smith, 28, from Uxbridge, ON, Canada, with a time of 7:41:53

best men
1. Keegan Swenson, 28, of Heber City, UT with a time of 6:00:01
2. John Gaston, 35, of Aspen, CO, with a time of 6:14:31
3. Howard Grotts, 29, from Durango, CO with a time of 6:15:19

Best Non-Binary Athlete
1. Rach McBride, 44, from Vancouver, BC, Canada, with a time of 7:57:59

Female para-athletes
1. Hannah Raymond, 36, of Longmont, CO, with a time of 10:56:48
2. Megan Fisher, 39, of Missoula, MT, with a time of 11:41:30

Male para-athletes
3. Willie Stewart, 61, of Boise, ID, with a time of 10:52:44
4. Anothony Lee, 49, from Colorado, Springs, CO with a time of 11:41:43
5. Jeff Glasbrenner, 49, of Little Rock, AR, with a time of 12:03:08

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