Gibellina images: Maurizio Galimberti: Gibellina molteplice

Maurizio Galimberti stands out from the international photographic scene by its search for a continuous experimentation, fruit of its curiosity for all that is in movement which it alternates with deep moments of reflection where the action – suspended – becomes metaphysical. The ready-made and the mosaic are the recurring themes of a distinctive and inimitable style based on seriality and reproduction and characterized by the themes of portraiture and urban and natural environments. His kaleidoscopic and unconventional gaze has repeatedly focused on Sicily, photographing with heightened sensitivity places of complex and symbolic significance.
As in New York, Berlin, Paris and Milan, Gibellina has been a constant feature of her imagery even before the residency organized by Cristina Costanzo in 2020, of which the works on display are in part the result. The relationship between Sicily and the instant artist Galimberti dates back to the 1990s, when he became the promoter of a captivating and unusual instant / instinctive relationship facilitated by an original and immediate expressive technique.

His journey through Sicily generated an innovative vision of the geographies and landscapes of Gibellina in which the reproduction of reality is reinforced by transversal visual and artistic allusions and welcomes the interiorization of places in a poetic way. In his homage to Gibellina, the lyrical geometry of the architectural and urban deconstructions of the new city interacts with a vision of the landscape that arises from the encounter of culture with nature, of art with ruins, to demonstrate the singular capacity of Galimberti constantly opening new horizons from multiple fragments. His poetry dedicated to the transformation of reality is indeed a continuous act which, by (de) composition, (re) creates images loaded with meaning to offer its original contribution to the history and rebirth of this unique place and to multifaceted.

Commissioner: Cristina Costanzo

Gibellina pictures in partnership with IMAGES VEVEY (CH) with the artistic direction of Arianna Catania and Stefano Stoll.

Gibellina pictures

July 30 – August 29, 2021

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