Cleaning company apologizes for graphic social media images

The owner of a trauma cleanup business has apologized after a series of graphic crime scene photos were posted on their social media pages.

Crime scene cleaners had shared footage of the aftermath of numerous jobs on social media, including suspected suicides, suicide attempts, assaults, sudden deaths and domestic violence.

On Tuesday morning, RNZ revealed that, on the company’s Facebook account alone, there were photos of at least 30 trauma scenes, including 15 unattended deaths, two suspected suicides and two photos showing human remains cleaned of trains.

Some photos showed identifying features of the properties, and sometimes in the comments section below, the company’s account listed the suburb or city and the method or cause of death or imminent death – a possible violation coroner’s law.

Carl Loader, owner of Crime Scene Cleaners, issued an apology on Tuesday afternoon and said the company’s social media pages had been taken down.

“We are deeply upset that our social media pages have caused the reaction they have today. We sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended by them.

“We felt that by sharing some images of our work, we were raising awareness of some important social issues and what we do as a company.

“As a manager, I should have monitored the content that was being shared more closely. We have taken down all of our social media pages and will review our future on social media.

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Loader earlier told RNZ that the photos from the scene were released because it was a matter of “public awareness”.

The company launched its Facebook page in March 2019. RNZ discovered that it started posting stage photos in April 2020.

Their Facebook page had over 2,000 followers, while their Instagram account had over 5,000.

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