BTS’s Jungkook releases intriguing production photos and teaser images for an upcoming pictorial project.

BTS’s Jungkook added to the teasers he already gave for his upcoming photo project. Following the release of a concept film on August 16 IST, the newest member of BTS released a “production film” the following day. In this film, Jungkook carefully considers every element of the concept, including the fabric of the clothes and the background of the photographs, among others.

Following this update, Jungkook released two enticing preview image collections, which also featured close-up and black-and-white shots. Fans were blown away by the exceptional quality of the photographic effort, which included styling, intricate locations, and more.

BigHit MUSIC also posted a review giving more insight into Jungkook’s theme for their photobook, sharing, “The concept of the photobook expressing the ‘jet lag’ between day and night shows how a human becomes vulnerable to sunlight (Day) the moment he turns into a vampire but also how he becomes a complete vampire in complete darkness (night) with his inner self expressing his hunger and lust for power in contrast to his all the more attractive appearance and beautiful.

The ad says the photobook also includes a full moon-inspired coaster, plus a mini poster, file poster, stamp, photocard, and random photocard.

With BIGHIT MUSIC teasing “approximately 80 pages of photos of Jung Kook’s powerful and never-before-seen looks beautifully depicted in red, gray, and black colors,” it was no surprise that when the photobook pre-order started on August 18, it sold out almost immediately, seemingly within a minute. After the second batch of pre-orders were released after restocking, it didn’t take long for those to sell out either.

Jungkook’s photobook is set to be released on September 1, which also marks the BTS member’s birthday. Following this release, BTS’s RM, Jin, SUGA, J-Hope, Jimin, and V will also be releasing their own images.

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