Batman footage focuses on BatCat’s scorching tension for Bruce and Selina

It seems like another murderous year for comic book movies, and one of the films that seems to be leaving its mark on moviegoers this year is Matt reevesThe batman featuring Robert pattinson. As the film quickly nears its March release date, marketing is in full swing with a new trailer that just released a few weeks ago and now Warner Brothers has released a handful of new footage that puts more emphasis on it. the dark world of Gotham.

The first of several frames gives us a better look at the inside-out shot of the Penguin Pursuit scene that ended the second trailer for the film at last year’s DC FanDome. Apparently, from Penguin’s perspective, the orange and black color scheme in the photo presents a spooky image of a beautifully dark figure Batman. In addition, one of the images gives another glimpse of Colin Farrellis unrecognizable as the Penguin who appears to be in some sort of cranky business meeting with fancy liquor bottles surrounding him on all sides. He’s wearing a plaid suit and a bow tie that looks a lot like something this villainous crime boss would wear in the comics.


The following image shows Pattinson’s Batman talking to Zoe Kravitz‘s Catwoman on a roof. So far we’ve seen expansions of this particular shot unfold in various marketing materials, with Batman leaning in to hug Selena in the latest trailer which focused on their particular relationship. Much like in the comics, their tense dynamic in this film appears to be Catwoman distinguishing between hero and villain as the Dark Knight determines if he can trust her. She seems to be at the heart of what Riddler is planning and, opposite this piece, another new image shows Batman and Jeffrey wrightCommissioner Gordon is working together to resolve this puzzling case. They appear to be in some sort of morgue and are staring intently at something on the table in front of them. Much like with Selina, their relationship seems to be taken straight from the comics.

the batman
Image via Warner Bros.

RELATED: The Funko ‘The Batman’ Collection Will Make You As Dark And Dark As Bruce Wayne HimselfThat brings us to the next pair of images that show Reeves directing Pattinson in combination with Gotham City cops in the background. These two shots appear to be in the same footage of the film as Reeves wears the same outfit in both stills and given the background this appears to be the crime scene where they find victim Riddler with his head sealed in a duct tape. Even though Gordon appears to be on good terms with Batman, the trailers have shown a divided police department who view The Caped Crusader as more of a threat than an ally as there have been numerous confrontations between the two sides seen in them. images published so far. .

The final image in this bundle is of Pattinson’s Dark Knight in his Bruce Wayne alter ego. He’s holding up a gym bag as he walks past a police car and wears a set of costume overcoats we’ve seen before. Especially in the scene in the trailer where Bruce goes to some memorial where Riddler literally crashes.

The batman will put Bruce to the test because, from what can be pieced together from the trailers and these footage, his family heritage is called into question because of what the Riddler does. Alfred is keeping the secrets of our favorite crime-fighting detective and these new images further add to the film’s flamboyant mystery while simply showing off Reeves’ stunning eye for a thrilling spectacle. From heavy shadows to the various moody color uses like deep grays and oranges, this grim movie is ready to rock the world of any Batman fan. We will soon know what really happens when The batman hits theaters on March 4, and for all the latest news on this superhero crime drama, stay with Collider.

Image via Warner Bros.

Image via Warner Bros.

Image via Warner Bros.

Image via Warner Bros.

Image via Warner Bros.


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