A leak may have revealed the first images of the upcoming game

Call of Duty being one of the most publicized and discussed games of our time, it’s no surprise to see leaks happening on a regular basis.

While Call of Duty 2022 has seen several leaks coming, the amount of information received about the 2023 version of the game is quite limited.

Before the recently leaked screenshots arrived, the only significant information we had received about Call of Duty 2023 was that it will take place in a semi-futuristic space. The leaked images now lend additional credibility to this rumor. These images also offered a fair amount of information on several other areas relating to the game. While there is a chance that these images are only a small part of a well-planned leak, fans have enough content. to talk about it just after the leak of these images.

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the first leak The image features a space that vividly resembles the map from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. There’s a chance Treyarch will engage in in-game testing processes instead of setting up a remaster. Another image offers a glimpse of three sets of victims that look like futuristic vehicles. Along with the high-end footage, the footage also helps familiarize yourself with the working title of Call of Duty: Black Ops. If this turns out to be genuine, the game will become a big part of the Black Ops sub-series.

The images are a testament to the fact that the three main game modes of the series will be back soon. Interestingly, Zombies Factions will feature in the cooperative mode. This is important information because the feature was advertised as part of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies but never released. Players have the option of using a faction each season, and they will need to complete six separate challenges for that one.

The goal of these challenges is to unlock six unique rewards which will be given out in the form of cosmetic products. These factions include Dark Aether, Requiem, Omega, and a whole new group that has no image. With the band Maxis being forgotten, there’s a good chance Samantha won’t be one of them.

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It’s important to mention the game design goals that became evident with these leaks. There’s a good chance that classic Call of Duty Zombies gameplay will return and the focus will once again be on tower-based zombies. Among other things, the “ability” screen which was designed for multiplayer was also widely discussed.

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